Interested in Church Membership?

Download the Membership Pledge

Membership is important. This is not because we love formality, but rather because membership is the mechanism by which we ensure that the Church is actually the Church. The word "Church" means - "called out ones." Another way to say this is, "the believing assembled people of God." Therefore, a church should be, by definition, made of practicing Christians with biblical beliefs. Our membership process ensures that members of Calvary Hills Baptist Church are followers of Jesus, baptized, and hold to a unified belief system. 

If you do want to engage our membership process:

1. The first step to membership is checking out our membership packet. Once the packet is complete, we ask that you turn it in to Pastor Jared or Michelle in the church office. You could also turn it in at the next membership interest meeting.

2. Once you turn in your membership packet, you will attend a scheduled membership interest meeting that provides an explanation of our vision/mission/values, a description of our ministries, what it means to be a Baptist, and will allow you to ask any broad questions you may have. 

3. Pastor Jared, or one of our church leaders, will call you or meet with you to allow you to ask any personal questions about the church or about membership that you may have not been comfortable asking in a group setting. You will discuss ways that you hope to be involved and plug into the life of our church.

4. If you are ready to proceed, you will be presented to and affirmed by the church, while also being commissioned as a missionary to our city.