Calvary Hills Baptist Church
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Men’s Bible Study

Come meet at 10 AM on Tuesdays as we dive into God’s word

Men’s Life

Meet us at Jim’s Restaurant at 1604 and Potranco

Brotherhood Ministry

Mission emphasis in & outside the church. This emphasis is local, state, North American, & International. It is to provide the church with mission education & mission opportunities to share God in these areas.

We encourage Christians to find their strategic place in missions.

Brotherhood Directors are leading their churches in conducting Men On Missions events. The benefits are:

  • Professions of faith
  • Increased missions awareness
  • Increased financial support of missions
  • Increased volunteerism
  • Calling out missionaries
  • Better understanding of the Cooperative Program and missions offerings
  • Personalization of missions (putting a face to missions)
  • Strengthens missions partnerships

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief response team training is available through our local association. We can help locally, in the US & internationally with volunteers. Relief can be chain saw clearing crews, or feeding trucks after tornadoes or other disasters.

For more information, or if you need prayer, call Chet Stegall @ 210-260-3853